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does any one have a this is halloween without singing faces?


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i have a third of it done. and i am running out of time, i have a singing prelit pumpkin that i bought from lowes. and two back up singer pumpkins.... no singing faces.... 

this last song will make my show almost 20 minutes. how long is a typical show? i figured most people are not going to park there for much longer.

first year trying it out. lol so far i have 1000 dollars in it. i just bought a whole bunch of LED lights that will work for Christmas colors too. probably gonna spend another 5-600 on it. before christmas. i only have the 16 channel kit. depending on how it turns out this year, ill add another controller next year.


werewolves of london and some music from that era would be nice too....

so far i have star wars, imperial march, hedwigs theme, enter sandman, halloween theme, ghostbusters, thriller, deathly hallows trailer, and i need the rest of this is halloween. anything else would be appreciated. any ideas?




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