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looking for someone who will run a song through their superstar instant sequencer


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I thought I had upgraded to use this part of the software, but I am unable to get it to work out of demo mode, or at all really.  I am wondering if someone can run a song through their superstar instant sequencer and send it to me to edit and see if its something that will help me.  I am not asking for anyone to spend time with the song, just the instant sequence.  its for a 32 channel set up.  email me if you can do this, one time, and I will send the song to you. str8upgirl@gmail.com  Thanks for your help!

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You should have gotten a different license level. try going into the SE, the select Help, then Upgrade Light-O-Rama, if you get a pop up saying You are currently licensed for the Pro Edition with the SuperStar Demo and the text below states what to do to upgrade.

If you have upgraded, but did not RE-REGISTER your new license level, this is why SuperStar is still in demo mode.   Once you click OK on the pop up window you'll get the registration window popup with your name and current license number {or prior license if you upgraded, but DID NOT enter the new one}. sp now all you need to do is put in your upgraded license level in the required field, then click Register, and if your upgraded license DOES, in fact, cover the SuperStar sotware, when you open it, it should now be out of demo mode.


You have to Re-Register via the Sequence Editor {in Version 4 that you're using} , and if you upgrade to a higher license level, but did not purchase a SuperStar License, you still need to Re-Register any upgrades in the SE before that license level will take affect in the software.  And if it includes a SuperStar License, which is an addition cost to the LOR Software License, SuperStar would be activated and taken out of Demo mode once the Re-Registration is done in the SE.  

Once Re-Registered, close any/all LOR and SuperStar software and reopen, if everything went as it should, everything that your license covers should now be upgraded and registered and ready to use.

Hope this helps.

p.s. You really should have a Pro license if you ever want or decide to use RGB Pixels and Controllers in your display in the future.  Plus it opens up all kinds of additional things you can use that aren't always available in lower license levels.

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