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10054 & 10061 errors in Listener

LOR Staff

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You may occasionally see 10053/10054/10061 (and others) errors  in the log for the LOR Comm Listener.  These errors are usually followed with some error description text that is similar to " An existing connection was forcibly closed/rejected by the remote host".  The text can be different, but the general gist is that someone closed a connection to someone else.

These errors are transient and a normal part of Ethernet communication.  They happen all the time on your LAN without you noticing, or even between different software on the same computer using TCP/IP to communicate. In almost ALL instances, simply ignore the error.  If you are having an issue with the LOR software, this is most likely not a cause or a symptom.

What those errors boil down to is that someone tried to send data to someone else, and something happened to that data.  Either it was corrupted, the transmission timed out, the connection went down, etc.  When this error occurs, the connection is closed by the side detecting the error, a new connection is automatically established, and the data is re-transmitted.

If you are seeing a few of these, or even more than a few over a long period of time, there is nothing to worry about.  Nothing is wrong, and things are working exactly as they should.  

If however you are seeing hundreds of these a minute, then there is an issue with your network somewhere, or possibly with the computer itself that does need to be looked at. 

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