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Best practice question in S5


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I'm transitioning to S5 and have a number of S4 sequences that I purchased. These sequences have more channels than I am using (for instance, the entire sequence also contains the same effects in DMX channels). What is the best practice when I'm through with all of the channels that I'm ACTUALLY using? Is it best to delete the unused channels to reduce network traffic (not that I really expect it to be a problem based on the relatively low number of channels and light)? Is it better to archive them? OR, just leave them alone?

Since I'm just starting in S5, I want to have things set up the "right way" and to make future sequencing easier. 

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A nice feature of S5 is the archived props that can be removed when setting up your visualization.Thinking more as "props" than channels will speed things along also. The initial setup will drive the process.

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