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S5 + Remote Desktop - OpenGL Version Error


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So I just updated to S5 and discovered I cannot run the Sequence Editor over Remote Desktop, it gives an error that it needs a minimum version of 1.5 of OpenGL, and my system only has v1.1.

The machine in question has Windows 7 with a Nvidia GeForce GTX650 card with the latest drivers and an OpenGL version of 4.6.  My google research so far seems to indicate that it is Remote Desktop that is limited to v1.1, and so far, I'm not finding any workarounds for RDP.  Yeah, I could use VNC instead, but the screen refresh rate in VNC is horrible compared to RDP.  In RDP I can play a H.264 1080P video across the network and it plays just fine.  Forget that in VNC, and likewise, S5 Sequence editor is unusable across VNC due to the terrible refresh rate.

Anyone have a workaround for using S5 Sequence Editor remotely?

Additional Info: Machine is an oldie but a goodie with an I7-860 3Ghz, 16GB Ram.  I could (but would rather not) upgrade it to Win 10 if that will solve the problem but my research so far seems to indicate it would not.  S4 S.E. ran just fine over remote desktop with a decent refresh rate and was totally usable.  I have gone thru all the VNC advanced settings with no luck at speeding it up.  Not fond of TeamViewer and it apparently suffers the same problem anyway.

If you are wondering why the heck I am running S5 S.E. remotely, it's because #1) I'm not yet ready to make the full jump to S5 quite yet - I have a ton of scripts and utilities I have written to manipulate my S4 .lms files on my work machine, and #2) My show player machine is in the garage with no place to sit and it's waayyy too hot out there, even in the winter (in Florida).

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Both my show computer and my server (which runs the year round landscape "show", and is the file server for all the LOR files) are in my garage data cabinet and normally accessed remotely.  I have never used Remote Desktop, but I have used VNC and TeamViewer.  I will certainly agree with you that the refresh rate with VNC is WAY too slow for anything that takes real time viewing.  TeamViewer is not too bad in that regard.  TeamViewer also has the advantage that it passes the audio, which VNC does not.  In my case with S5, I can't run the S5 sequencer also due to the OpenGL issue and there is no work around short of adding a video card - which makes little sense for a computer that normally does not have a monitor connected..  The show player works just fine and that's all I need it to do.  The show computer runs S5 just fine via TeamViewer., however I don't normally sequence on that.  Essentially all my sequencing is done on my family room computer and the files saved on the file server.

Under S4, I would occasionally sequence remotely on the server, but that was generally limited to things such as this: there was a terrorist bombing in Paris and I wanted to turn the landscape lighting Blue, White, and Red for the colors of the French flag.  That meant I had to create a simple static sequence that was needed before I could get home from work.  Now I have to create the static show files on the work PC and transfer the files.


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