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Ferrite Core?


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12 hours ago, Little_b said:

Has anyone tried using a Ferrite Core before to fix flickering?



Yep, works great, even works on the old standard AC L.E.D. strands too on the older CTB16PC Controllers.  I just separate the wires behind the male pass-through and put it on one side of an AC LED strand about 2-3 inches back from the plug, but I do have enough wire I can loop it around the Ferrite Core so there is enough wire inside and around the Ferrite Core to keep it from sliding up and down the wire side it's placed on.

I also use these on my audio cables to cut down on interference from my computer that can cause some low volume/static effects on an FM Transmitter.  I put one on each end of my audio cable, one at the computer sound output about 2-3 inches and the 2nd one at the same distance from the audio input at the FM Transmitter.  I have even put these on Cat5 cables coming from controllers that are near the power cords where they exit and enter the box.  Use them at each CTB16PC Controller.  And if the Cat5 cable goes bad for some reason, the Ferrite Core just snaps off and can be put on the new Cat5 cable!  So they're re-usable too!

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15 hours ago, Little_b said:

Is there a certain type/size you use, or will pretty much any work?

I don't think there is much difference or any except for their size.  The ones I use are the same ones that the guy used in the video link that was posted.  Small white snap-on/snap off types.  And they've worked great for years.  

Not sure what type mine may be as I was given them years ago when I worked for a warehouse company that sold surplus electronics and other odds and ends.   They were just going to toss them out, so I asked if I could have them.  Gave quite a lot of them away and used all the ones I had, save for a few extras, when or if I needed a replacement somewhere or my display got larger.

The ones I got were unmarked, and I've gotten others, but I don't remember if they have any type of rating or anything that I can recall, the packaging I got from the surplus warehouse just stated Ferrite Core on the package, each package contained 2 Ferrite Cores.  

I just use what's in my "junk box" and go from there.  All I know is they worked and I just kept it at that.

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I must say i wish i came across these years ago. The flickering issues I've had on my matrix have seemed to have finally been resolved. I did some testing after putting it up yesterday and i dont see any problems. Finally a sigh of relief.  Now i have to talk my wife into letting me cut down the tree in front of the roof that seems to have put on too much growth this year. Its sarting to block it too much.

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