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First year setting up lightorama on my halloween house.  I have a 32 channel simple set up (2 controllers).  I purchased video animations from https://www.thesingingpumpkin.com  and I'd like to incorporate these into a sequence where the singing pumpkins video syncs with the sequence.   I have experience with Animated prop controllers (Boobox etc) but lightorama is new to me.  Any help getting pointed in the right direction would be appreciated.

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Hi, and Welcome to the Forums.

There is a lot of info on the forums about what you are asking. Here is one link that shows a pretty good video about how to go about running projectors. It is dated and shows LOR 4.??. It is similar in LOR 5.  Also try searching "Projector". Most threads are old and may take a liltte digging.

Hope this helps.



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