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Rj45 Connector


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Has anyone used these types of Cat5e connectors on your control boxes?  And if so, have you had any issues?




My concern is I want to put it on the bottom of my control boxes on my roof, and they don't lay completely vertical, so it's not as covered.  I'm wondering if I'll run into any water issues if the seal doesn't hold 100%.

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Every one of mine has those. 1 in, 1 out

For a while I had 4 on a CG1500 box (CMB24 and a Pixie4) I decided keeping the 2 nets separate was excessive and I used some plastic, snapin  plugs to fill the holes. and just jump the 2 boards

The AC controllers were a bit of a challenge. I  ended up modifying the aluminum bracket  Bigger hole AND inline with the rubber grommet location (also made bigger). I had to leave off the cord grip piece INSIDE (I wish there was a simple HEX nut that fit those. The OLDER V2 cases, I could only fit 1 at the bottom ( I hesitate on side openings and never on the back), so I try and put that on the end of the net.

IIRC I used a 1" sharp hole saw to drill holes in the plastic  and aluminum. Be very careful to remove all metal chips.



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I failed to mention. I use the LOR ones, I wanted W/P connections.

I don't trust the 10mm description. Maybe 20mm. An RJ is bigger than 10 🙄


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Here are the ones I use: https://www.digikey.com/products/en?keywords=994-1060-ND

I was looking thru some of my e-mails from last year as I remembered something about these when I bought some of them.  I bought some of the LOR ones and from what I can tell in the lor ticket was that the lor ones had a bigger part of the connector inside of the box and it interfered with my power supply. I ended up with the Digi-key ones because the bulk of the connector hangs on the outside and would clear my power supply. I think the lor ones would of worked fine, but I had a clearance problem with my box and power supply.

I don't put the whole connector on either. in my case they are all in the bottom of my cases, so there is no way water can go up in them unless a sprinkler kicks on. So I just plug the cable in from the bottom and I am good to go.

Another little trick I do is to measure how far the tab is up in the connector and then I drill a small hole into the side of the connector so that I can use a paper clip or a very small philip's screwdriver to go thru the hole and push the tab to release the cable, this beats the heck out of trying to get something up inside from the bottom and release the tab to release to get the cable out.


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