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Minor issue Moving and Scaling effects to other props

Brad Stucky

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I was planning on adding a 56w X 24h sphere to my display this year.   This sphere, built in a new preview, requires that the orientation of the pixel strings be vertical.  After pasting my SS effects from 50w x 24h (horizontal) matrix to this sphere, I've tried to move and scale the effects from the matrix to the sphere but the scaling doesn't seem to allow for this to work quite right, I'm guessing because of the change from horizontal to vertical strings.  I've also tried moving and scaling my present 50w X 24h effects to a 64w X 42h (vertical) matrix with the same resulting problem. (I've moved and scaled to a larger or smaller matrix with excellent results as long as the strings are oriented the same.)  Is there any way to accomplish this other than to redo all or most of my effects?  Would it be possible to get an option in the Move Scale Selected Effects window that would allow us to rotate 90 degrees, (maybe also 180 and 270) before moving or scaling?

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Hmmm, yes, rotation of all effects could be an option in the "Move or Scale Selected Effects" dialog box. I'll work on that for the next release.

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I actually have completed the code for changing orientation of a sequence and it will be in the next release.

But I also wanted to ask if changing the orientation of the sequencing grid would solve your problem as well. Click on the Tools menu and select Preferences and there is an option to change the orientation of the sequencing grid. Try doing that and see if it fixes the problem.

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I tried your suggestion and it seems to work out OK. 😀  I loaded a sequence from 2018 that has Superstar data for a 50 wide x 24 high horizontal matrix.  I added the new props for 2019 which include a sphere that is 56 wide by 24 high. (vertically oriented rows)   I then opened a full length motion effects row to add Superstar effects for the sphere.  I changed the orientation like you suggested.  The screen changed a bit but still properly showed the sphere with a grid 56 wide and 24 high.  I then opened Superstar separately to access the saved Superstar file from last year sequence. (actually a saved SUP file from 2017 using S4 that I applied to S5 for 2018.)  I selected and copied all effects and then pasted them into the sphere session of Superstar.  I then moved and scaled the effects from 50x24 (flat matrix) to 56x24 (sphere), which, for the 24x height, was no change.  I then checked the playback within Superstar and everything appears to play properly.  I exited Superstar to apply the data to the sequencer and again, the playback on the preview screen appears to play properly.  That was easy!!  Thanks Brian.  I also got your message and will check out the update.

I did notice that when I go back into that SS motion effects row to load and edit the data file saved from the previous exit, that I need to change the orientation again.   The sequence editor doesn't remember the change in orientation from the previous edit.  I'm guessing that if new events are added without remembering to change the orientation, that the effects could become a mixed mess, however, I didn't test that out.


Thanks again, Brian.  None of the emojis would do justice to the big grin on my face.  Now I just need to finish building that prop.

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