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Do you prefer 7 or 8 string props and why?


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If you are using string lights for props, do you prefer using 7 or 8 string strands in the prop for sequencing, and why is my question. I like doing 7 string props for my arches and a fan like tree that I have because when sequencing I like to light up channel 4 of the prop and have it dead center, then move out from there. Also, it saved me 4 channels to put single props under each of my 4 arches (lol).

My son-in-law asked me to help them light up their static display and his trees have 8 strings, which forced me to rethink sequencing, and next year he wants to add arches, which I figure I'll have him do 8 string arches so I can sort of match them up at times with his trees.

I know that in a lot of songs the tempo works best in 3/4 time for props with multiples of 4, which seems to be the most prolific timing in Christmas songs, but with the 7 strings I just add something in beat 8 like a jump across the arches in one beat or I light up the star on my tree for beat 8. Where I think 7 shines is when I want to fan out from the middle on the tree 4, 3/5, 2/6, 1/7 or on the arches 4 is at the top and I fan down using the same sequence in 4 beats. Where on his trees I start with 4/5, 3/6, 2/7, 1/8 which work since his are up and over runs.

Just wondering what others do and why.

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I sure do understand you string 4 in the center idea, but for me sequencing on the beat and quite often music is in 4/4 time - I like things in 8s because I can then hit the beat and the between beat with a string to make it pulse with the music. Just my thoughts...your mileage may vary!

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To each there own, some love 7 some love 8.  I find more songs are in 4/4 time.     I happen to go with 8 segments on my props with segments.  Just started that way and stuck with it, If i had researched it I might have gone with 7.  

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