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Help - How to create and configure an ARCH prop using Ribbon


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Thanks in advance for any help! I wanted to get this out there before I forget! However, I won't be able to post any screen shots until I get home tonight.

I'm new to S5. Last year I created an RGB ribbon arch (1 ribbon split into two arches, eight segments each to mimic dumb lights using a 16 channel controller since that is what was already sequenced) using S4 and Pixie II. I copied the 8 channel to the RGB pixels and it worked great. This year I upgraded to Pro and installed S5 (figuring I've got to do it sooner or later).

I open the S4 sequence and everything seems to convert and it creates a preview that includes everything except the arch. The RGB channels appear in the list. I try to ADD a new prop and select Arch, but I can't seem to get the settings correct. There is no option to choose a ribbon as the type of lights. It refuses to appear in the preview. I can't seem to get the unit ID and channels right., if that's even the problem.

Has anyone done this? I would even like to see a single arch with a ribbon configured if you have it and I can modify it to creates the second arch.

Thanks, again for any help or insight! 

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If it helps anyone to help me, here is a screen shot of what I have so far. 

I created 8 RGB bulbs and lined them up like an Arch (Unit 14.1 - 14.8). The bulbs do not appear during playback. And they no longer appear in the channel grid in the playback window.

I've layered the windows so that you can see that they appear in the Preview Design window and how I defined them but not in the channel grid. Again, they do not show up during playback.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

S5-Prop screen cap-2.jpg

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ADded screen cap - didn't load first try
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OK, think I figured it out. 

Since all of my sequences were originally dumb lights in S4, I treated the addition of the few RGBs (1 Pixie II) last year as if they were dumb RGBs. It was quick and easy to copy and the paste RGB rows into the added Pixie device.

So, to get a working preview in S5, I needed to import the S4 sequences with the block preview from S4. I needed to treat each one as a Dumb RGB Bulb (and unhide any hidden ones). I then placed each bulb on the preview and grouped them.

Seems to be working fine now. I think this will get me through this year as I add another Pixie II. Added another screen cap of the settings.




S5-Prop screen cap2.PNG

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