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Window Frame Prop - Sub groups

Jeremiah Ackermann

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I would like to use the built-in window frame prop for our house windows and doors that utilize pixels over DMX versus using 3 or 4 draw lines due to the ease of moving, resizing the entire frame in the preview design.  In S4 Visualizer (did not use pixel editor), I had drawn out separate lines for each side, which was utilized to make groups for all the left sides, another group for the right sides, and so on to do effects on just certain sides easier. Is there a way to do this using the window frame prop or will I need to resort to drawing out each side of my windows/doors as separate lines in S5's preview design? Really with any prop, if I had the ability to create sub groups for a range of channels/pixels within that prop, that would be great as I could have the ease of prop creation, moving it as a single piece, resizing it, etc plus get the sub groups within it I may want.

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