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Automation Bugs in Prop generation


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I found 2 minor bugs in the automation of prop generation. Here is how to reproduce.

  • Open a preview design
  • Add Item
  • Select "Add a LOR device"
  • Using the logical flow
    • Type a name for the prop
    • Select the device type, eg. Cosmic Color Ribbon/Bulb
    • BUG 1: Name is overwritten with "CCD". Suggest flip the logical flow so that select device is first in the layout.
  • Enter Unit ID, Network type (in my case Enhanced)
  • Select CCB with 2 strings
    • Select: Setting 2 has its own Unit ID (base Unit ID + 1)

Now review this picture: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hm7gfi17ej8s0zb/20190825 CCBs.png?dl=0

I show here 2 examples...

  1. The Orange shows the name I selected. This transfers as expected to the prop list
  2. The Red shows the ID. BUG 2: Notice that the name uses the initial base ID throughout the prop list despite the 2 ID selection.
    1. In example 1, they are all addressed 01 as opposed to 01 and 02.
    2. In example 2, they are all addressed 03 as opposed to 03 and 04

The second bug (as listed) is either a bug or my mis-understanding of what I would expect based on my selections. Either way, I see it as wrong.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Bug 1 will be fixed in the next release.

In Bug 2:

  • the labels match what is generated by the version 4 Sequence Editor
  • it is consistent with the way pixie controllers are labelled
  • the label also matches the unit ID shown for the controller in the Hardware Utility


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