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Using S5.3.4 and have several motion effects on pixel tree using the "picture" tool.

I am sequencing for someone else. So when I send them the loredit file do I also need to send them all the images?

Please advise.



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The short answer is yes.

The longer and more accurate answer is to open File Reference (for the .loredit you want to send) to see all the files that are part of that sequence. They all need to be sent. It may include movies, superstar file .avi, jpg's, gifs, etc...

Whoever you send them to will also have to open File Reference after they copy it, and Change Directory for any files listed as missing. They should be warned of this as the sequence loads.

They will also have to make sure thier Network Preferences info is accurate for thier system, ie. network, controller number, enhanced, speed etc.

Be aware of thier license level, as they may not access to the same features as you do.




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