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Super Star effects for incandescent channels


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Little help if possible. With the older version of the sequencer (pre 5) I would be able to do an instant sequence for a prop in superstar and save it as an lms file. I would then use that file for my 16 channel controller and modify the effects as needed for my sequence. I cannot do it with S5 or dont know how to do it. Reason: I have a Ghoul rock band and the drummer has 3 channels that have lights that are sequenced to different beats. A lot easier than doing the sequencing by hand. Is this possible or did we lose that with the S5 program?  I am not able to create a motion effect row for the 16 channel controller.

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Never mind. I have got it figured out. When I try and create a motion effect row it send it way down on my sequencer where I didnt notice the new channel

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