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Group Created without a motion effects row


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I have been fighting a problem for a couple days now and just figured out the issue. I had been creating various groups for different combinations of props without any issue and they worked as expected. I was trying to create one large group for the entire house. It consists of about thirty props and 5100 plus pixel bulbs. I would create it and try to use it and it never worked. I only had a list of the individual props and their effect channels. 

It finally dawned on me,  that this particular group had no top level effects row for it. I went in and added one to it and lo and behold it works as expected. 

So my question is. Should S5.3.4 create a group without at least one top level row? If so can you issue a warning that this has happened.


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Never noticed this one before.  I guess it's been a while since I made new groups.  There is an option to add "Motion Effect" rows when creating the Group, but unless you know that, I see how it could get missed.

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