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Creating a Preview


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Hello! I have been asked by the organization I work for to help out with a large light display this holiday season. I used LOR in the past at my house with CBT16 controllers and incan lights, but have been out of the game for a couple of years. The display I'm being asked to help with is huge. They have 16 pixel trees (using 8 strands each tree) and a large matrix. I have been playing around with the LOR S5 software for the last couple of days to familiarize myself with it and I have a question regarding the Preview Design.

When I create a Tree Prop, I'm choosing the following options:

  • RGB Pixels for the lights
  • 8 Strings, 50 nodes per string
  • Starting location bottom left

That all makes sense to me. However, I'm not certain how to properly set up the addressing. The controllers are Pixie 16D's.

LOR.JPG.0c36d6d63b564ed89f3837309f2c54fd.JPGShould I choose Separate Unit ID for each RGB string, or not?  I've attached a screenshot for reference.


Thank you!

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Thank you for the response. I now have another question if you don't mind....? 😊

I tried to create a matrix consisting of 256 strings, 50 nodes per string. When I select "Enter channel on first row, auto-number the rest" and I check the box for "Separate Unit ID for each RGB string", I get an error stating Invalid LOR unit ID on row 241.


Any suggestions?  Thank you!

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