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Looking to hire someone to sequence a song


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I'm looking into the possibility of hiring someone to sequence a song for our Christmas show. I will supply all the necessary master patch files, all you will need to do is sequence the song.

Our show is done with live musicians so timing to the music is very important. The song will be around 4 minutes.

  • If you are used to sequencing down to the 1/10 of a second
  • If you are familiar with both dumb and smart lights in LOR
  • If you have programmed sequences with over 15,000 lights
  • If you are ok with having someone looking over your shoulder and making changes based on feedback
  • If you can program on this level https://vimeo.com/304455361#t=10m34s
  • Communication and progress updates are a must

If you think you can sequence on this level feel free to send me some of your projects.

Pay scale is open for negotiation and will be paid out based on progress.

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Be prepared for “sticker shock”. It’s not cheap.

Also it’s late in the season, most of us never stop sequencing all year.


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20 minutes ago, dibblejr said:

Contact Don he does custom sequences. That is his UN.


Hmm, understood.  Please make me smarter, what does UN mean ?  

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