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hotkey for timing


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I'm trying to manually add timing to my sequence, is there a hot key that does the same thing as

Right click> insert timing at 0:02.12 (or where ever I right clicked at)

Or do I have to do each one with the right click>etc.

That is going to take a long time.






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9 hours ago, k6ccc said:

Beat wizard, tapper wizard, or fixed timing?


Neither. Manual placement

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I tried the tapping wizard, it wasn't good enough. I'm trying to match lights to individual notes in a song. Even at 1/2 speed it was too fast to be accurate enough. i saw that there is a keyboard preferences map, but i can't seem to change anything in it. is there a way to map keys to functions that I'm not seeing?

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I use the tapping wizard to get them close, then slow down the speed to move/drag them into better placement. Yes, it takes awhile, but it is the best way I've found over repeat right-clicking.

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