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Why can't I access the Help Desk?


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Keeps saying "This help desk is for use by authorized users only"

Is there an email? Mine is tonybiviano@hotmail.com

Here is my message:

My friend and I are both looking into purchasing RGB mega trees. We're looking for 16 to 22 feet. We have a million questions because we are both novices. I'll attach a picture of my show. All of my decorations plug in directly to my controllers... I think that's called dumb... and they go on, off, fade, blink, etc. This will be my first attempt at taking it to the next level.

My friend and I both have LOR1602wg3 controllers. I do sequences on my computer, use Simple Show Builder to put the sequences on an SD card, and insert the SD card into my LOR1602wg3. Will I be able to control my show the same way if I get an RGB mega tree?

Or will I have to have it run from my laptop in my garage?

Can my other decorations AND my mega tree go on the same sequence?

Can I please get an itemized list of what is included in the mega tree kits you sell?

We’d like to see what we’re purchasing. Is there a picture of everything that is included in the kit? This will be extremely helpful to us. We want to know step by step what we’ll need to do to get this tree added to our shows before we spend thousands of dollars on something that is over our head.

I’d like to know how to keep the tree vertical. What do we need to do to secure it in the ground?

What do the RGB ribbons plug into? I’m used to just plugging something in like you plug a vacuum into the wall to clean your house.

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Is that when you put in a new ticket?
Because I just submitted one no problems.

You don't have to login, just click "new ticket"


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Read the help files, watch the instructional videos and get busy fast. You are already way behind the curve as such for a show this year. There are essentially three types of strings and different types of controllers for them. I know nothing about SD card usage. First are the straight light strings such as LED, incandescents and so on. They plug into an AC controller which allows you to turn on and off, fade, dim, twinkle and shimmer. 16 channels each controller like the CTB16PC. This controller runs on an RS485 network which uses Cat5/6 cables. Be very, very careful to not mix those up with other cables. Label, color or whatever best for you.

      The second type are Dumb strips. Its an led strip that all light up one color, any color, on/off, fade, dim, twinkle and shimmer. These are controlled from a CMD24D or similar. You'll also need a 12vdc power supply and enclosure if outside. These provide a constant +12VDC to the strip but vary the -12VDC to each R, G, B wires to obtain the desired color.

     The third type is the pixel controller or smart controller. The Pixie or Pixcon controllers for example and many others available. These use the same Cat5/6 cables but are NOT compatible with RS485. These will allow you to control every pixel on a strip or string depending on the type you are using. Care must be taken with 5v, 12v or 24v types of pixels being used and wiring of these is different, possibly for each and each manufacturer. There is no "standard" to their creation.

     Your plan: Take a picture of your house and draw strings on it, props such as mega trees, pixel trees, arches and whatever you dream up. Decide how you want them to look or run which will then dictate your hardware requirements. Your cabling and communications infrastructure needs to be designed, items purchased such as cables, enclosures, power supplies and more... 

     Most of us suggest that you start small the first year, so you figure it out. Remember too that you have a learning curve on the software too and various license levels for that software. You need to learn how to configure the software, then create your sequences. That alone takes time and lots of it. The result though when you are standing outside and see the show run for the first time, you are an artist in lights! No other show will match yours and its yours alone.

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