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Im currently working in the S5 Sequencer and I saved a "Grid View" and when I tried to import it into another sequence to start sequencings none of what I put into it saved(80 Channels manually typed in over 1 hour). How do I save myself from having to manually input all of my channel names into the editor everytime I want to sequence a new song?

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Generally, you change channel names by changing the prop name -- either by opening Preview Design, or by double-clicking the prop/channel name in the grid and changing the name in the Prop Definition window. If you use either of these techniques, then the channels names in your other sequences will automatically change. If you are creating your own grid views, you would still need to export the grid configuration out of one sequence and into another in order to copy the grid views themselves - but the naming of items should follow what is in the preview. Note that the system-generated grid view "Show All Items" is NOT included in the grid configuration export.

Where you *can* change individual channel names is with multi-string props with traditional strings - like megatrees. Right-click on a string name and select "Set Channel Name" from the pop-up menu.

BTW, which version are you using?


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