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S5 video card

Dennis Laff

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Hi everyone  I bought a used Dell PC Windows 10 .  Downloaded S5. Won't open it says I need a better video card. Any recommendations for what I should buy.   Thanks Dennis Laff 

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That would really surprise me.  The video requirements are very low.  What is the exact error?  You may just need to update your graphics drivers.  I believe the only video requirement is OpenGL 1.5 which was released back in 2003.

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What video card, or is it on motherboard video.

On board video usually has a bare minimum capability.

We need to know what model of PC you have and what specs to be able to give you a recommendation.

As Kyle said, the first thing is to update the video drivers, if possible.

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Check the Dell web site for an updated video driver for your particular model. That should solve the issue. 

If your computer has an Intel processor, you can also try the Intel Driver and Support Assistant, which can sometimes locate newer drivers than are included with Windows.



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