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S5 and Stand Alone Mode with CMB24D


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Is anyone else have issues with the CMB24D opening an S5 (v5.2.4 Pro) sequence? I get the following error:

There were no events found in the file!

It will open and download an S4 sequence.


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Did you do your stand--alone sequence on channels configured for the regular network? Is that network marked as "enhanced" in LOR Network Preferences? If so, that is your problem. You will need to back into Network Preferences and uncheck the "enhanced" box. Then go back into the Sequencer and re-save the playback file. That should produce a file you can use stand-alone.


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I'm having the same challenge but tried the resolution mentioned above and had no luck.   Its a relatively simple sequence (in S5) that is 7 minutes long and just fades through multiple colors on 8 of the small RGB Floodlights.  Please help!

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