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New Pixel Singing bulb faces - where to begin?


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OK so last year i started the transition to pixels and did 70 percent of my show. This year im changing over the final elements - this includes the singing faces i had running using traditional coloured bulbs into correx style material and making each element (eyes,lip shapes, outline etc) a different channel. This year i have now purchased the 30 inch standing chromabulb singing frames and this has the following node breakouts:

The ChromaBulb uses 143 total.. The node breakout is as follows:

Socket=1-26 (26 nodes)

Bulb=27-67 (41 nodes)

Left Eye=68-77 (10 nodes)

Left Eye blink=78-80 (3 nodes)

Right Eye=81-90 (10 nodes)

Right Eye blink=91-93 (3 nodes)

Mouth 1=94-101 (8 nodes)

Mouth 2=102-109 (8 nodes)

Mouth 3=110-119 (10 nodes)

Mouth 4=120-133 (14 nodes)

Mouth 5=134-143 (10 nodes)


My question is how do i set up these singing faces in S5 with each of the groupes of nodes - I can import the Boscoyo prop - but that only shows as one item and doesnt allow me to designate the pixels into the groups - e.g.  1-26 being one line item on the sequence and the nodes for each eye being another line and so on. If anyone has set these up in S5 id love to get an example sequence of how its set up or if anyone has found a video showing how to set up these into a sequence that would be great.


Many thanks



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