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request please for chroma singing bulb 30" example sequence


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Does anyone have an example sS5 sequence with a 30" Boscoyo standing chroma bulb143 nodes  in it so i can take a look how you set up the node breakouts on the sequence please. Not particularly worried about which song it is so long as i can get the audio easily - more interested as to how it sets up on s5 into the break outs. I know what the break out is from the Boscoyo side of things - just not sure how i represent this on the s5 setup.

Thanks in advance

Rob. ukoberon@yahoo.com

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Did you ever figure this out?  I am trying to add 4 of these to my show this year, and although I can import the prop from Boscoyo, I cannot get it to do anything in preview.  I feel like I am missing something fundamental here.  I assigned a new controller ID to it, and although its "motion effects rows" all look correct, I cannot get them to do anything.

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