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Setting up GROUPS for Arches and non groups


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A little back ground info., I am taking 2- CCRll RGB Ribbons and making 8 mini-Arches each one with 25 pixels. 

I made a group for Arches  A-1 and A-2,  and then a Group for B-1 and B-2, and then a Master Group that covers all 4 mini Arches, this covers the first controller, so then I copied everything for the 2nd controller and made all the changes that was needed when copying and ended up with:

GROUP A,  GROUP B,  MASTER GROUP A/B,     GROUP C, GROUP D, AND MASTER GROUP C/D, then I made a "ALL Group Arches" group.

This all takes a lot of room in the sequence page, you also have the 8 Arches, SO, the question is for all of you that have done this, is their a better way,  do you use all the different set ups, etc.



See the attached Doc. and look at the bottom of page for the physical layout of the Arches. I made the first set of arches and then copied to make all 8 arches, I then reworked as needed to get to the finial stage.

You end up with 8 Arches and several different groups, In the GROUPS mode,  you can select the order you want them to play back in.,OK fine, buy they play the same "Motion Effects" for both / all the arches in your group no matter how many,  2-3-4-8 that you have set up for that group.

Lets back up a step to just the first Arch on the Left side of your layout, this would be part 2 of your first string of lights,  how do you stop the confusion in naming, is it now arch 1 even thro it's part two of the string of that channel? OR, on your Sequence page do you move it up past arch 1 and still call it arch 2 , you also have the same issue with arches 5 & 6 or what ever you call them(the first set under the 2nd controller)

This all started when I wanted to have Arches 1-3-5-7 all the same and 2-4-6-8 the same effect. I'm sure this wont be the only problem, I like the options you have as a single arch and part of a group.

What is the best way in dealing with this and any other Issues that I need to be aware of?

Thanks, Jack

     1. If I rename any or all of the 8 separate arches after I made the Groups what happens do they still ALL work, some, or none?


Arches 100 dpi.pdf

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