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Mr Grunts

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Need some help form anyone who can. I had to close my show and sell my controllers 2 years ago for health related issues, Anyhow. My family and friends knew how much I missed doing my shows and the smiles that I use to get when people came to see them.

I am disabled now and have nothing to do with my time. ( Depression is a B@*&h ) anyhow. Family and friends, for fathers day bought me 4, 16 ch, controllers to get me started again. I have been working on my Halloween and Xmas shows already. I am soooo stoked that Im doing this again. Well I have a request from my friends about a 4th of July show. I used to do a 4th show, Halloween, and Xmas. I wasnt going to do a 4th show cause well lets face it, not enough time, But I was thinking, If I had some help with the sequences I could do a short, small show. I was thinking on 2, 8ch fire sticks and some floods showing off my flags. Yes plural Flags. I have 3 on poles and 8 more I hang from my carport. Im only gona use 2 controllers. 1 for the fire sticks and the other for the floods so what Im looking for is any 32ch or more 4th of July sequences. I also have a projector I use in my yard if you have video too but not necessary.  So what I am asking for is 32 ch. 4th of July sequences with or with-out video. I know it is VERY short notice but any and all help would be greatly appreciated. 


Hope for the help. djamessmithone@gmail.com


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