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Odd preview display of 2-quarter globe prop.

Brad Stucky

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Has anyone else noticed a playback problem when previewing effects applied to a globe prop using less than 4 quarters of the globe?  When I apply certain Left or Right motion effects, or left/right Superstar effects, or a Left or Right motion image to a globe prop created in S5, the effect appears to work as expected ONLY when the globe is a complete 4 quarters.  When using less than 4 quarters, (in my case, 2 quarters) the effect applied doesn't start at the edge of the prop but instead about 1/4 of the way from the right edge. A RIGHT motion effect runs out to the right edge and then wraps around from the left edge back to where the effect started and then ending there.  A LEFT motion effect starts in the same location but moves to the left and then wraps back in from the right side to the starting point.   I assume the effect should start at the left or right edge of the partial globe depending on the motion direction selected.  I'm using S5 ver. 5.2.4 and the globe prop is DMX nodes with 8 strings, 84 Nodes per string, 2 folds per string, 4 degree tilt, 2 quarters, 100% size, with starting point Bottom left CCW rotation.  Up and down effects seem to work correctly as do a few continuous left/right effects like Wave and Blended Bar, but maybe only because they are continuous effects.  The noticeable exceptions are "Scanner", "Pinwheel", "Simpleshape","Ripple", "Meteors" (left or right motion look closely), "Lightning", "Garland", "Fireworks" (look closely), "Fire" (can't tell), "Curtain"," Butterfly" (look closely), Bar and Blended Bars (I can't tell), both texts affects definitely, "Twinkle" (can't tell).

I haven't checked the Cylinder prop or the Tree prop (various degree configurations) for the same results.

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