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How to add an RGB 'Stars Nested' (3 stars) prop built from 1 string on 1 channel


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New to 5.2.4 and adding a Pix Tree.  Adding the Tree to the Preview Design to the went straight forward.  Added 8 strings to a Pixie16.

However I would like to add a Stars Nested as one string on port 9.  50 pixels for the outer star, 30 for the middle star and 20 for the inner star.  I can not figure out how to do this.  I would like the outer star to be pixels 1 thru 50, middle star on 51 to 80 pixels and the inner star, pixels 81 to 100.

In the Prop Definition, RGB, Shape:Stars Nested, Channels I am unable to select Aux A, Unit # 16 for all 3 rows and assigning the Start Circuit and End Circuit values.

Question: Am I trying to do this correctly and just missing something or do I need to tackle this in a totally different avenue.  Want to be able to control each star as a unit and also via Motion Effect.

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You had it exactly.  As I mentioned, I am new to 5.2.4 Pro, coming from version 3 Advanced.  I was counting circuits in the 'Traditional' mindset, 1 per pixel, not 3.  Sure is a lot more to learn, thanks for getting me a little farther down the road.

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Pixels and channels are normally a multiple of three.  Note that there are now strings available that are four color with an addition of white.  Wait until ou get into a matrix or P10 or P5 panels.  then the channel count goes up REALLY fast.


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