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Tombstones... Lexan or wood or other... lighting?


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I want to add some tombstones to my setup and and spell out "RIP" on each of them with some types of purple lights (maybe minis).

So my frist question: What should I make the tombstones out of? In the past, Ive used wood, but it warps when it rains. And it rains alot. I could use Lexan I guess but I'm not sure how to cut it.

Second question: How should I spell out "RIP" ? With mini lights, rope light, something else?

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Watch this video. This is how I'll be making mine. Then just push the lights through from the back (might have to drill or shove a pencil through first, then a dab of hot glue to hold em). I plan on having lights all around the edge and also spelling R.I.P.


anyone looking to make mini trees mega trees etc. check at youtube for info lotsa great videos.

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for purple lights, i use the purple LEDs from Paul at creative displays.

My LOWEs pretty much sucks for anything halloween, buy the tombstones were right on!

If you have those Spirit Halloween Superstores, they have purple.

If not, www.thechristmasdepot.com has all kinds of lights, reason able price, and very fast delivery!


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I made tombstones out of Coroplast. I painted them gray the followed with a coat of stone paint to make them look like granite. I used purple LED strings for the outline and the RIP lettering, 100 lights total for each tombstone. I also painted the RIP black so it could be seen in the daytime.

I based mine on the tombstones sold by Wow Lights.


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