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Moving RGBW Heads


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Curious if anyone has figured out how to but a RGBW rotating light (2 axis, tilt & pan) into visualizer. Sure would make programming easier, not certain if this is even feasible though

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I did some work on this a few years ago.   What I did was add a CCR device to the visualiser in a circle.  The position of the head was seen as a dot around the circle.    

To accomplish this I used an S4 track.  I dont know what or if this concept can be used in S5 since .,,   nevermind I wont go there.          You will use the macro channels.  Macro mode 1 and macro sub mode 1.  Move the macro effect channel so it is right below the tilt and pan channels.   Whenever you set the tilt and pan.. copy into the effects channel and that position will be lit in the visualizer.    Its been a few years but I think I made a video explaining this I will look for you. 

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Great stuff Bob, thanks. as soon as I get things further along, I'll post something. Already getting ahead of my self, the light I bought is a moving  flood with a large footprint at a distant t so considering getting some moving spots right away



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