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Im really hating S5 prop crap. Im not sure what the crap is going on but I made a prop and in the sequence the pixels are duplicated and not even half show up. so it doesn't play correctly. never had this problem in S4.


I know this does not help much in explaining what im seeing. I attempted to contact lor but no response. can anyone chine in on what im doing wrong bc this is pissing me off. 

If it help and someone can send me one made. I need a Cross. 4 universes, 8 string of pixels.  each are 69 pixels in a up and down 3 lines. and the body is3 strings of 50 up and down for 150 per universe. so 6 strings for body.


not the best shot but as you see it only lets me add 1 string and I cant chance it. please help me here.


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I want to be able to program these manually not with effects. meaning I should be able to open the string and see 150 lines. all im seeing now it is like name: r11 c2  anybody have a clue what number pixel this is on which string? (I sure the hell don't)

in s4 I could add and actually delete lines of rgb. if I wanted to add 20 rgb lines I could it didn't matter is there was a prop or not it didn't care. now I have to have a damn prop to add a rgb ch. WTF

and deleting nope lets just HIDE the ones we don't want anymore.   GIVE ME MY DELETE BACK.  

I guess enough of me crying about S5. There making it so you don't have to think and have fun programming hit a button and bam effect for everything BOARIING.  I don't program this way. I want to be able to tell a certain pixel to come when the hell I want it on.


So if im wrong please tell me how to fix this because ive gone through everything trying. I cant even beat around like I used to to make it work.  

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