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I am finding the intensity presets very useful during sequencing of intensities and dmx intensities. The first issue I see is trying to save a dmx intensity preset, in that the manage intensity preset dialog will not accept the value directly but has to be entered as a percentage of 255 to get the required value. Not a big issue as the calculation only has to be done once.

It also strikes me that having created an intensity preset, that it would be nice if the program would switch to the relevant type of input upon selecting the preset.

For example I have DMX presets and regular intensity presets saved, and I can switch quickly between them but it also entails having to select the intensity type in the toolbar dropdown (top Left)

If the preset manager were to have a column for intensity type, shimmer, twinkle, dmx etc, the process would be much more streamlined and would also solve the dmx conversion.

I am also curious where the presets are stored, as it would be nice to be able to back them up after creating, potentially, quite a large number of them. I used to save them as a registry key in S4.as it would periodically lose them.

I understand that you probably have bigger fish to fry, but maybe one day…………………

Thanks, Phil

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