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Spt1 Spt2 wire question


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I found some wire at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  It doesn't say Spt1 or Spt2 on it like other wire that I've seen, also one side is copper and the other side is silver colored  The wire says "Cooper Mountain Spur Incorporated ES7497 CL2 18AWG (UL) Made in USA".  I've tried on google but haven't been able to find much info.  My questions are:  is this basically the same as SPT wire?  If so would it be Spt1 or Spt2?  Thanks so much!!

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2 hours ago, Mr. P said:

Sounds to me like it may be speaker wire.

SPT1 and SPT2 are what they would call lamp wire.

I agree. Lampcords and all other power cords are REQUIRED to bear markings. Manufacturer, conductor gauge , temperature rating and a few others (may be printed or embossed) every couple of feet.

I would worry the insulation is not rated for 300V, nor may have the thickness that Vampire connections need.  Use it for speakers

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There not much difference between the 2 wires. if you have a clear insulation most people use it for speaker wire. I have seen some wires with the copper and sliver wire. The reason for that is when you hook up some speaker systems you want to make sure that you are hooking up positive to positive to get the best sound out of the speakers. I use some that wire when im replacing lamp cords that been damaged. here is the difference between the 2 wires. SPT-1 and SPT-2 wire is the thickness of the insulation surrounding the copper wire. SPT-1 wire has a thinner insulation than SPT-2. 18/2, SPT-1 wire has an insulation thickness of .030″ and 18/2, SPT-2 has insulation that is .045″ thick. there both are rated for 300v . Most the Christmas light run 22 gauge wire anyway. the big thing is what you want to use as far as the color of the insulation. You can get it in so many different colors. I hope this will help you.

Also if you have a local electrical store you can take to them, most the time they will help you.

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