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Light-O-Rama Main Site down???


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Tried accessing the main site around 11:35pm Friday night 04/26/2019 and it never loaded up.  Just wondering any upgrades or changes being made that caused this?   Always usually loaded pretty fast, but tonight it just sits there and never loaded, let the site try and load for 10 minutes and nothing ever came up.

Just wondering why it wasn't working since I didn't see any messages anywhere here on the forums about any updates, changes or upgrades since DevMike is really nice in letting us know when issues may arise due to something like an upgrade or change.   Server issue?   Tried again, just before I entered this query, still no go.

Wanted to check some prices for the 5V CCB's and 5V CCP's since I tried to repair a stand and that didn't work.  And yes, they were wired to the correct wires, but after replacing a bad pixel {bullet node} at #49 and reconnecting #50 which worked before I made the repair, neither worked, so instead of trying to cut out and replace bad nodes, wanted to check the cost of replacement strands.  But couldn't access the main website. :(


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