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Im New to LOR. I used the Software with An AC Controller last year. Now Ive gone and Bought a Bunch of LOR Controllers (RGB) and a Bunch of Bullet pixels. Plus i Bought Matrix Webbings from Holiday Coro. I am Trying to build a matrix for my front window. 48" wide x 59" tall.2" on Center of the Webbings. Im trying to figure out (a) how many Strings of 50 Bullet Pixel it will take . (b) how much Power and amperage. and (c) How Many Control channels i will need . I have (2) PIXCON 16's and help with this would be greatly appreciated.

                                            Thank you in advance, Sincerely , Mark.

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Lots of ways to attack this.  My math says the matrix will be 24 nodes wide by 29 tall or 696 nodes(2088 channels).  You could do this with 12 outputs of the pixcon with 58 nodes each and a 320/350w power supply for each bank.  You can limit the intensity on the outputs and use 6 outputs of 116 nodes if you have 12v nodes.   You didn't mention the voltage?   Do you prefer connections on the top/bottom or sides?  

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