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gif files what the different sup and supe

james morris

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When I try to save a gif file as a sup file sometimes it makes me save it as supe file to save it as a sup file I have to copy it paste it in a new setup then save it

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You are probably using an older version of SuperStar. There was a bug where if you have imported a gif or other image file and you are still in the "large" grid mode then superstar saves the sequence as a .supe file. Superstar saves a file as a supe file whenever the license level does not support the number of channels in the sequence. The bug happened because the code thought you had 64 ribbons because you were in large grid mode.

There are two solutions:

1) make sure you are in "normal" grid mode whenever saving a sequence.

2) download the latest version of the software

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No the bug still shows up on occasion on the latest version 5.2.4, just been working around it when it happens

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