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(2) CTB16PC GEN3 Controllers for Sale


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I have two CTB16PC controllers that I am selling. They are gen3 controllers with the latest V1.09 firmware. $150 each, plus shipping and PayPal. Count on around $20 shipping for a controller.

The two controllers do have two small holes drilled in the weatherproof case (very typical) for installation on a controller stand. 






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First time I've seen the inside of the Gen3 that shows Intelligent Light Dimmer stamped on the board. 

I would have named these new controllers ILD16PC Controller if it were me manufacturing them, especially since they are stamped Intelligent Light Dimmer.  

That would have definitely helped with the confusion of the new Gen3 CTB16PC controllers from the older V1 and V2{Gen2} CTB16PC Controllers. 

I know they're still in the CTB family of controllers, but giving it a different name, I think, would have helped keep them different from older units and stopped a lot of confusion as to which controller one may have. 

I wonder if anyone at LOR even thought of this, or considered it, when they started building the newer units?


BTW: You know if you have a persons E-Mail address you can also send photo's and messages to their E-Mail account as well.   I don't have a cell phone, but my wife doe,s and when she's out, that's how she keeps in contact with me.  And it's also how she sends me photo's she takes with her phone.  Instead of a cell number, you just enter the persons E-Mail address in the phone number area.

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Hi my name is Samuel . I am interested to buy your items for sale, I come from Canada, I am 17 years old and I am passionate about light o rama and every year I decorate my house to delight my community. I need two controllers light o rama for next year but I want to lean towards the used because I am a student and I have to pay my studies :) I would like to make you an offer on the asking price. I wonder if 300us for all would do your business, thank you for your time! The transaction could be done with paypal I'm no problem with that! I have a facebook page if you are interested in coming to visit: https://www.facebook.com/LumiereShowQuebec2018. You can also add me on facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/samuel.gilbert3333 

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