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Smart Pixel Singing Faces

Stephan Sherrick

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I want to add some of the Boscoyo singing faces to my display this year.  I already have several singing characters that use AC LED lights that I am controlling with 8-10 AC channels each.  I want to add a few of the pixel characters.  I will be running them from a Falcon controller.  My initial question is how to define them in S5 so that I can control defined groups of pixels within the character.  I would like to be able to define and control pixel number 1-100 as the outline; pixel 101-132 as the bottom lip, etc.  I know that I could wire each group as an individual string but shouldn't have to do that.  Any help would be appreciated. 

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You can combine several eye/mouth functions into single strings.  But you will have to keep number of pixels in mind as you set up universes.  


In SE, add DMX Universe via Edit - Add Device.

For outline, add 100 pixels for universe xyy.   If you want to copy an existing 'ouline" from an AC channels, copy it and then multiple paste it into your 100 rgb channels. I'd then create a group for those 100 channels as "|Face 1 - Outline". 



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Just remember the faces from Boscoyo do not have a vowel mouth channel. It uses the upper lip and another lip channel. It looks a little unnatural to be honest.

I ordered the singing lightbulbs and found this out after they got in. I may make a vowel channel later as I do like the singing bulbs.

So any sequences you pick up here on the forums will need to be edited to work correctly. Converting to pixel is easy though.

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I hadn't noticed that.  My AC channel characters are from Holiday Coro and have all eight channels (10 for the singing snowman). Their singing Christmas trees also have 8 sections for pixels.  That's probably the way I will go.  The total pixel count is 307 per face.

Do you know how to set up these props in S5 so that I can use two - three ports per face?

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2 hours ago, Dennis Cherry said:

I would like to see a small Matrix for the mouth only.

Think of the possibilities.



I wanted a matrix for the letters on my tombstones.  Besides RIP: Big Sale, Open Now,  Par-tee

The edges are already smart. Leaping (tops) arches, Marquee borders 

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