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Jan 22 [update] LOR (most likely) still closed


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Due to weather conditions in Hudson Falls, I'm  making the call that we are going to be closed today.  The area received 13-16 inches of snow on Sunday, with higher amounts on the mountains.  The current temp is -5 with a windchill of -27.  

The factory is in an old drafty building where even when they heat is on full blast it is still chilly in there during NORMAL winter temps.

As always the help desk system is open and able to answer questions.

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The weather in the capital region of NYS has not improved much over the last 24 hours.  While the snow has stopped, temperatures are still sub-zero this morning, with wind chills well below 0 in the valleys.  Up in the hills/mountains, temps are colder.

Temps the next 2 days will thankfully moderate and give the folks up there a break - but it may take a day just to get the cold out of the factory.

Thanks for your patience!

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