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Contemplating CCR next year - but what do I get

Paul Masterson

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Paul Masterson

I love the videos that folks have shown with CCR (12 or16) trees in them. They seem to be able to capture a story better since the pictures are more visible than what I attempt on my 16x25 LOR pixel tree. I'm looking to get a package with everything included but where I get confused is between LORs offering and ones from others like Coro that have DMX in the name. What are others running in a LOR only set-up and what would you suggest be my entry point into it? Also, how tall/wide are these typically?


Thanks in advance

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If you want to keep things simple and stay all LOR you can buy the LOR kit with the Pixie16. 

Tree heigth is about 16’ give or take depending on you.

I am 100% LOR.

If you can build easy stuff you can save $ by buying the card, enclosure , ps, and cabels and build it yourself.

You will need a pro license to run enhanced mode.

No guarantee but LOR has had the kits in their Spring Sale.

Search for my LOR ccr tree kit build topic for tips on building the tree itself.

I believe you already have my telephone info, text if need .


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