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S4 Intensity files not showing up in S5


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Hey guys, need some help.

Short version is, Everything in S5 is working EXCEPT my candy canes that I sequenced in S4 Pixel editor.

Props are showing up, everything is in the correct channel order, but no effects are showing up in the S5 sequence.

Everything else is correct including mega tree and all, just not seeing any effects that I made in S4 version(intensity).

See pic attached

What am I missing?

Thanks in advanceCapture.JPG.d32c51fc6acf0f28d41aeda1e98102ab.JPG

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Could be either of these:

1) The upgrade process looks for your Pixel Editor file (LPE extension). The LPE file must be in the same directory as your LMS/LAS main sequence file you are upgrading (same requirement exists in S4).

2) The props may have been archived during the upgrade process. Change the grid view to "Show All Items". Are the Candy* props shown there with an "@" symbol in front? That means they were archived. You will need to copy/paste the effects from the archived prop to the prop in the preview.

More on archived props here: http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/5.2.2/help/concept_archived_props.htm


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