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A new way of Building CCR Tree


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Well this year I found and excellent way to put up my tree. Course common pole, but then I took and used u-channel aluminum stock and then

I used some items made by a company call Meg-Daddy they make a item Bridal Rings with earth magnets. I drill the u-channels drilled one hole

at the top and attached the magnet to it and at the top off the tree I put a steel plate below the star and now I can put the tree together with no help.

As we all know we always don't have someone to help with putting it up so I came up with this and it works very nice and easy to do.i

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I will post it in a few days. 1st. I need to learn (HAHA) how to post pics on this then I will. Next year I hopefully will place a bigger star, plus also adding 4 more CCR's.

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