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2nd Year newbie and still Nothing working right.


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2 years ago I bought the following 

ShowTime Central Starter http://store.lightorama.com/shcestpa.html along with four controllers 

S4 Software - Advanced Version

Cat 5e cables and a few other items, which I can’t think of off the top of my head.

I spent a whole summer learning what I need to do to create my own sequences for a show that would last 20 minutes. Last year I wanted to add a few more things to my display .I colored my candy canes to what My wife wanted ( big mistake ) which was to add multi colored lights to them. Maybe I should have made a stand and colored them to what I wanted. I also added the 16 x 25 Pixie tree.

Well I spent another summer trying to figure out the tree and I have failed Here it is Christmas and I can get the darn thing to twinkle shimmer and stay on But I couldn’t get the darn thing to show a multiple fill macros etc…. I have spent a ton hours reading the forums. I have read the S4 manual several times (for other newbies,There are 800 plus pages to read so lots of help there. )

I even spent about an hour talking with customer support and still I ( we ) couldn’t figure it out. That is until today!

Today I wanted to see if something was missed and was not offered to me. I went to the web page for the pixie tree. http://store.lightorama.com/pitrkit16sto.html 

My wife and I read through everything on that web page to make sure I had everything to make my pixel tree work the way we wanted. It is a big purchase so we made absolutely sure we had everything.  The phrase “The S4 PRO Version of the Light-O-Rama Software Suite is recommended.” Was in red. We knew we had the advanced version of the software but it didn’t say anything about needing pro to edit. Had we seen that we would have upgraded to Pro. A year ago !

Also,  There is no place in the manual that says to upgrade to pro to save anything I worked on. I couldn’t understand why my 16X25 pixel tree wasn’t in the list of props just the Mega RGB And DMX trees.

The last time I asked a question in the forums. Was about reverting back to windows 7. I wasn’t clear on the what and the whys and it made me feels pretty stupid. So that’s why I did not ask any more questions in the forums. Ya I even read my own post and Yep I even called myself a dumb @**

I am a hands on kind of guy. I can read so why should I ask a question in the forums. If the question was already asked??

I have spent so much time on reading post and the manual on this one Understated thing that my display has suffered. To close to Christmas to try and fix this issue. Just very Upset to this point. This is my rant. 


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