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Help with CCB Please!


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Hi, there.  A few years ago I bought some Cosmic Color Bulbs (5 controllers, each with two strings) but never had time to set them up until this year.  I tested all the units (one was bad on one side) and I am using three of them on a tree in my yard, with five light strings.  It's a simple spiral wrap of the tree.

I tested all three of those controllers just prior to installation without any issues.  Once I had them on the tree and wired to my PC (same PC I tested with), I had some issues.  Using the hardware utility, two strings respond to "all on" commands (e.g. units 1 and 2 both respond, with one unit selected in the HU).  I have tried resetting the unit numbers with HU and it seems to work individually but when I have the three controllers all hooked up I get this behaviour.  Also, when running some sequences I get flashing on one of the strings on the first unit.  If all lights fade from one colour to another simultaneously it is fine, but when I do chases or other effects I get flashing.  I should mention I did reset the two confused controllers with the internal button (pressed during power-up) before I used HU to reset unit numbers.

I have the red USB RS485 adapter, and about 90' of cat6 cable between it and the tree, then about 6' each from one box to the next.  The kits I bought were the CB100D DMX and controllers do have the latest firmware (1.21 I believe).

To get through Christmas I am just using simple colour fades but would love to be more elaborate in my sequencing.  Also, I want to get more lights to put on the house and elsewhere but given this problem not sure I really want to keep investing.

Any ideas, please?

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When you used the Hardware Utility to change the Unit IDs, did you have all the controllers connected or were you only connected to one controller at a time?  If you had all three controllers connected and you issue the HU command to change Unit IDs, you will change all three controllers.

The flashing almost sounds like a sequencing issue.  If you send me the sequence, I will happily take a look.  If so, please tell me in as much detail as possible when in the sequence the problem is happening.  I will PM my address to you.



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Thanks.  When I changed the unit numbers, all three were connected but only one at a time had power to it.  I did wonder if that mattered but I don't think it does.  Now, sadly, there is snow on the ground and I dare not open the controllers for fear of damp getting inside.  Which means I cannot unplug the network cables, of course.

I will send you the sequence - thank you!  I don't believe it's the sequence itself but I would love to be wrong about that.


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Fixed!  It was a simple (newbie) case of the first controller being set for dual normal and the other two for normal.  And the sequence was programmed all for normal.  So commands to unit 2 were confusing things.

I have ensured that all controllers are on normal now and all is well.

Thanks, again, Jim, for your help.

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