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Basic Starter Package.

Connor Y.

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3 minutes ago, Connor Y. said:

After the basic starter package it says "ReadytoGo", does that mean I have to assemble it?


Attach the external stuff. Lights, the Network cable to the LOR Dongle, plug the dongle into the computer with Showtime installed.

Other LOR  items vary from just assembled boards (requires ataching power supplies and fitting into a case. The CTB16 even comes a a complete kit (you solder ALL components), a kit of all the assemblies (you do the final assembly)

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ReadyToGo means it is a fully assembled package, you plug it in, run cat 5 cables from the RS485 Adapter to Controller, use the software to create sequences for the props/lights you're going to use with it and set up a show using some of the other software, Show Editor, Schedule Editor after you have completed your sequences.  Add your lights/props to controller where you're going to mount/use them at and then you're all set and Ready To Go! :D


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To expound in what my great friend above said.

 Don’t feel overwhelmed when you read - after you sequence.

 You can buy premade sequences or search here and get the shared ones until you have time to figure sequencing out.


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And as my buddy above stated, you can find a lot of sequences that are shared here, many of us share them and there are a wealth of them.   And even though you may only start with a single controller and only 16 channels, don't be afraid to download or take sequences that have more channels than you have in them.  

We can help you dissect the sequence to access parts you may not think you can access because of licensing levels, some things may/may not work at certain license levels.  

But we can help you work around some of the issues you may have with accessing shared sequences that are created differently than what your license level may allow.

Then you can just copy and paste from the areas in a shared sequence to a new sequence you'd set up with your props and lights.

Even if you purchase a "canned" {pre-made} sequence, you may still need to copy and paste from it into a newly created sequence, as not all displays have the same identical props, placement, channels, etc.    So even if you buy ready made, you may still be required to modify it to YOUR display to match it to what you have.

Not trying to scare you away, just giving information on things you will probably encounter as you learn the software and how things are done with sequencing.

And I'd recommend using S4 first, S5 is totally different and JR and I are using S4 and can help you a lot with it.  S5 does things in a completely different way than previous versions and has a huge learning curve to get to know it and what it does.

Good Luck!   And any questions, you know where to find us to ask. :D

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