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Looks like I have to do this EVERY year now


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I've been decorating my yard for years with static lights/props and then used a Mr. Christmas-type 6-channel device and did OK with that. Last year was my first using LOR and went with a 32 channel set up with a 10' mega tree and 10 mini trees added to my other lights/props. This year I dipped my toe into the smart pixels with a Pixie II to add RGB arches and what I'm calling a horizontal firestick. Every other year we go out of town so I go lighter those years. THIS year we are supposed to go away, but my wife volunteered to host the neighborhood Holiday Party, so I had to put MOSTLY everything out and added the RGB props.

I was running late figuring out the Pixie and finally got everything out on Saturday, just in time for the VFD visit from Santa and Toys for Tots drive in the neighborhood.  As I'm  standing out in my street checking everything out, a car goes by down the street and turns around at the end of the court. That happens A LOT so I don't think anything of it as I'm paying attention to the show, I hear a little a voice behind me say, "Do you mind if we just say Thank You?" I turn around and a woman, her husband, a 2 year old is in the back seat and she's holding a baby.  She says "we moved into the area last year and found your house. We wanted to come back and see if you were doing it again."  She had the window open and I started to say "if you tune your radio..." thinking they could roll up the window because, baby, it WAS cold outside.  I could see that it was already tuned! She said "we're going to move to our favorite viewing spot."

I said "If you hang around another couple of minutes, Santa will be coming, and you'll  know when because of the firetrucks (decorated WITH lights!) and sirens. Why don't you come up?" I mean, how do you tell a 2-year you can't go see Santa, even if you don't live IN the neighborhood, right? Santa is Santa when you're a 2-year old. We always take the dog for a picture and as I'm walking up with the dog, I see them sitting in the car across street, parked and watching the show.

In all the Santa hub-bub, I'm not sure they came up or not, but I have to say, it WAS pretty gratifying that someone noticed.

So I guess I'll be doing this every year, whether we're home or not.

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