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S5 pro motion effects help

Ryan Antonioni

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Hello I have s5 and pro software.  3 lor boxes and a holiday coro alphpic   I don’t have time to make a couple sequences for the ccr tree so I want to just do simple motion effects.  When I play the sequence in editor the lights work fine in previewer and outside.   When I go save and creat playback files and add to the show the ccr tree won’t work.   I’ve got a few other songs I’ve bought for the ccr and have them playing fine via sub sequences.     What am I doing wrong. 

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Do you have the DMX universes defined on the DMX tab of Network Preferences?

Do the settings match between NP and the AlphaPix - for example, Unicast vs Multicast, correct universe assignments?

Can you ping the IP for the AlphaPix from the show computer?

If you put the AlphaPix into test mode, do the lights light up?

Do you have the LOR Control Panel running (and therefore, the Comm Listener)?

Does the Comm Listener Show all the universes correctly?

That’s enough for now.


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