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I am drawing a blank on how to do what should be simple. I have several window frames on my house with 60 pixels (12x18). The starting location is the bottom left, going clock wise. Most of the effects I use work fine, but there is one that I am having a hard time setting up correctly. I am trying to get each of the these window frames to open from the top/bottom middle using the curtain effect. However, every effect I use starts in the bottom left corner, thus I never get the opening from the center, just the corners. What have I done wrong here?

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Not an expert here but my first question would be

Does it look right when you run the effect in the editor on the preview image or only when you run it on a "live" show

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The effect is always starting from  the left bottom, in the preview and actual display. I played with replacing the window prop with a custom  18x12 prop , and the custom prop worked as I expected, even though it had the same p ixel position as the window prop.  I think that the issue is that S5 defined a window not as 18x12 but 60x1.


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