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Hello everyone from Italy, and always excuse my English, translated online. I wanted to ask you a question that I could not find answers in the manuals, or at least I did not understand. In a LOR network, as in my case, consisting of 2 - 1602 + 2 - cmb24 + 3 - pixie16, how many pixie16 can I get ??? How many can I add yet? I have a PC dedicated only to the Christmas show, with on board an Intel Core i5 - 4210U - CPU 1.7-2.4 ghz, what do you recommend? Thank you very much to everyone, you are really fantastic and crazy with your projects.

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Your computer specs won't really matter here. It's the LOR Network speed you are concerned about.

High speed LOR networks, generally speaking, are good for about 2400 pixels (so I've been told.) Some have gone higher and have had success.

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